Perserve the body with our deep penetrating heating and cooling gel.

Fahrenheit is formulated to keep you moving. The Heating Gel is loaded with essential oils including Hemp Extract, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Capsicum Fruit Oleoresin to give a therapeutic penetrating heating sensation. Oscity's Cooling Gel boasts Menthol, Witch Hazel, and Arnica that provides a soothing cooling relief.

Our Heating and Cooling Gels are formulated with the highest understanding of CBD and organic ingredients, producing a product that works faster and better. IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC!


Deep Penetrating Relief Heating Formula

Heat is sweet! Thats right, we all know there are times that a little added heat can  make everything better. When that heat was made to penetrate deep to the source, there is nothing else like it.


Deep Penetrating Relief Cooling Formula

Sometimes ice is nice! In this case we're not trying to freeze you, but we think we can help soothe some of the ailments that other products just can't help you with.  This is just the cool way to do it!

Essential Oil Based and Formulated with Multiple Active Ingredients. 25 mg of Hemp Extract Per Packet.