What is CBDV & How Can It Help Me?

Here’s How CBDV Could Change Your Life!

CBD + CBDV may be the best thing you can get to raise your energy levels and improve life quality. But what is CBDV? How can it help you? 

Keep reading to find out everything you wanted to know about what is CBDV, its benefits, who it is suitable for, the best products on the market, and much more. 

On top of that, uncover the answers to commonly asked questions such as "What's the difference between CBD and CBDV?", and "What does CBDV do?". 

If you are looking to educate yourself and make a wise purchasing decision, this research-backed-up article is perfect for you.

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What is CBDV?

CBD and CBDV tincture bottles next to a cannabis leaf.

If you are new to the outstanding CBDV effects, you are missing out. Firstly, what does this term refer to and what is CBDV good for?

Although structurally similar, CBD (cannabidiol) and CBDV are not the same things. Read about the differences in the following sections.

Cannabidivarin or CBDV is one of the many cannabis and hemp plant-derived molecules we refer to as "cannabinoids".

These cannabinoids are partly responsible for the outstanding therapeutic effects of cannabis

Just like cannabidiol, when isolated, CBDV will not make you feel intoxicated. In other words, you will not experience a "euphoric" high like many high-THC weed strains. 

According to research, CBDV can be found in the C. Indica landrace strains from Africa and Asia.

Moreover, cannabis strains naturally low in THC contain CBDV. Other than that, cannabis strains with high CBD levels are usually high in CBDV too.

The research on CBDV effects is plentiful, and there are many detailed findings that point to the benefits of this chemical

For instance, some findings suggest that CBDV may help make specific nerve cells less active (for instance, the nerve cells linked to seizures, pain, swelling or inflammation, and other medical conditions). 

CBDV oil may be helpful in making these nerve cells less active, and in turn improving symptoms of these conditions.

What Is CBDV & What Are its Benefits?

Woman dosing CBDV oil for energy. Buy CBD & CBDV gummies online in USA.

Nowadays, you may find plenty of CBDV for sale, and almost all of these products claim to be the best.

But what is CBDV good for and what effects can it provide for you?

Although most research involving CBDV benefits involves anti-seizure effects, this chemical can be beneficial for a variety of medical illnesses and conditions. 

For instance, CBDV can be beneficial for people who want to reduce inflammation in the body or treat mood disorders and pain.

What is CBDV good for? If you are dealing with some of the following conditions, you may want to reap the benefits of CBDV oil:

  • Seizures
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Crohn's
  • Boosts in Energy
  • Appetite Suppressant

As mentioned, patients suffering from seizures may want to take a closer look at the CBDV benefits.

Interestingly, data reveals that CBDV can affect the capsaicin receptors' neurochemical pathways involved in the onset and progression of different epilepsy types. 

According to GW Pharmaceuticals (the developer of the first CBD drug approved by the FDA, Epidiolex), CBDV shows impressive anti-epileptic results in patients with epilepsy.

CBDV has also shown to be beneficial in other situations. For instance:

A rodent study from 2018 noted that CBDV can be helpful in aiding in neurobehavioural issues linked with Rett syndrome. 

This syndrome inflicted by a mutation of an X chromosome affects female patients with seizures, muscle spasticity, and speech complications. 

Fascinatingly, CBDV could be beneficial with both chemically-induced and genetically determined forms of Rett syndrome and other illnesses.

Another animal study from 2019 shows that CBDV can aid in rescuing memory defects in rodents with the same genetic disorder as humans with Rett syndrome. Those with neurological defects could also possibly benefit from CBDV.

A similar study from 2019 analyzed Duchenne muscular dystrophy or DMD and the CBDV benefits. DMD is characterized by irreversible skeletal muscle degeneration and damage, as well as chronic inflammation. 

The findings reveal that CBDV could help restore muscle function, and lessen inflammation in the body. Furthermore, CBDV could refine locomotion.

When it comes to younger patients, CBDV is currently being researched as a possible treatment for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) symptoms such as social functioning and communication issues, cognitive difficulties, and repetitive behavioural problems.

Additionally, CBDV may be a potent agent for nausea relief. Early non-human research reveals that CBDV could possibly block the response to nausea by acting as a CB1 receptor agonist.

The Best CBDV Products for 2022

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      What's The Difference Between CBD and CBDV?

      Here are the main similarities and differences when it comes to CBDV vs CBD.

      Learning about them will help you differentiate between the two — this way, you can maximize the benefits of your product and find out what suits your needs better. 

      When looking at CBDV vs CBD, we can see that some benefits overlap. Nevertheless, CBDV may provide you with benefits that cannabidiol cannot. 

      Moreover, CBDV could be a suitable alternative for individuals who haven't found success with other cannabinoids.

      Both CBDV and CBD can meditate certain TRP channels, such as TRPV1, TRPV2, TRPV3, and TRPA1. But is CBDV stronger than CBD? In some sense, yes. 

      While cannabidiol is believed to have a more powerful impact on the endocannabinoid system, the impact of CBDV is stronger on the TRP channels.

      So, what's the difference between CBD and CBDV? As mentioned, these two are structurally similar.

      In fact, CBD and CBDV have the same molecular arrangement and composition, but the carbon content on the side chain of cannabidiol is fewer. 

      For reference, CBDV has three carbons (it is a propyl group), while CBD has five carbons in one of the side chains (it is a pentyl group). 

      Although this can be perceived as a "slight" difference, it significantly changes the way the compounds interact with the human body.

      For instance, everything from metabolism to receptor binding is affected.

      For reference, cannabidiol has a range of benefits, such as:

      • Anti-anxiety
      • Anti-inflammatory
      • Anti-nausea
      • Anti-convulsant
      • Immunomodulation
      • Muscle relaxation, and more.


      What Does CBDV Stand For?

      CBDV stands for cannabidivarin, and it is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. So, it won't induce euphoric feelings or the signature "high" associated with marijuana.

      What Is CBDV Used For?

      CBDV has an abundance of benefits, including helping reduce seizures, reduce inflammation, and when paired with CBD, may improve energy levels.

      Is CBDV Stronger Than CBD?

      CBDV has a stronger impact on the TRP channels, while CBD has a more intense impact on the endocannabinoid system or ECS.

      What Is CBDV & Where Can I Get the Best CBDV for Sale?

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