How Long Does CBD Oil Take To Work for Anxiety

CBD for Anxiety: After How Long Can You Expect Results?

Anxiety disorder is a relatively common mental health condition in America. 

According to the National Institution of Mental Health, 31.1% of adults experience anxiety at some point.

The body also stated that approximately 19.1% of adults experience the condition annually, which is more prevalent in women than men.

There are a lot of prescription medications for treating anxiety, including Paxil, Zoloft, and Celexa. 

However, most patients shy away from these conventional treatments because of the drug's various unwanted side effects.

That's why more and more patients are turning to natural treatments like CBD to help manage anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and insomnia.

But when it comes to using CBD to manage anxiety,  you might have many questions swirling in your mind. Some concerns may arise regarding how to use CBD oil for anxiety. 

How long will it take to see an improvement in your symptoms? How do you properly dose CBD for anxiety?

This article will delve deeper into your concerns to clear the air around CBD usage. 

We’ll spotlight the latest research findings on CBD oil to give you the best possible answers to these burning questions.  

What Does Research Say About CBD Oils and Anxiety?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most sought-after cannabinoids. 

The other equally famous cannabinoid is THC, known for its psychoactive effects or the 'high' sensation.

CBD doesn't boast any psychoactive effects. However, several studies into cannabinoids have revealed a host of medical benefits.

One such study is the 2020 systematic review of CBD in seizure treatments. The study concluded that CBD may reduce seizures in patients with a drug resistance type of seizure.

Such positive research findings have fueled studies into the various therapeutic benefits of cannabis, including how well the drug can fare against anxiety.

And those research results were astounding. In a 2020 study to evaluate the effects of CBD, 397 adults were treated with CBD and monitored over three weeks.

70% of the participants reported satisfaction with the treatment, with patients treating anxiety and depression reporting a significant improvement in symptoms.

In another study, patients presenting anxiety and sleep disorders were treated with CBD for two months. Up to 79.2% of the patients reported notable improvement in their symptoms.

As you may notice, in both these studies, it took different periods for patients to report improvements in symptoms. 

Most of these study findings conclude the same thing. How long CBD will take to work for you depends on several factors:

  • If you have an acute anxiety disorder like a panic attack, you may experience a relief of symptoms in a couple of hours.
  • Patients treating chronic anxiety disorders may need to wait a couple of months to see the results
  • Your genes and microbiome can affect how quickly you respond to CBD treatments

Does CBD Work Better for Anxiety When Combined With Other Cannabinoids?

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There's a constant battle between CBG vs CBD for anxiety. But what does the research say? Is CBG good for anxiety? 

What about the other lowkey cannabinoids like CBDV and CBN? Can they bolster your fight against anxiety?

Right off the bat, taking an isolated cannabinoid for your medical condition has many benefits. 

However, taking a mixture of different cannabinoids causes many more benefits and can exponentially increase the help of the individual cannabinoids.

The phenomenon is due to the entourage effects, which cause cannabinoids to produce better results when they work together.

CBD and CBG work perfectly together to mitigate anxiety. CBG stimulates the production of the body’s endocannabinoid system by boosting the production of anandamide. 

Anandamide is a body-produced cannabinoid that affects motivation, pleasure, pain, and appetite.

On the other hand, CBD interacts with CB1 receptors, serotonin receptors, and other receptors that affect anxiety and fear-inducing behavior.

Therefore, a product that contains both CBG and CBD will be better suited to giving you a wholesome anxiety treatment.

About Oscity Labs Products

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It's hard to find products that contain a blend of minor cannabinoids like CBDV, CBN, and CBG. This is because these cannabinoids occur in smaller amounts, and extracting them would require special equipment.

At Oscity Labs, we have state-of-the-art in-house cannabinoid genetics, extraction, distillation, and formulations. This unique technology allows us to separate and concentrate even the most minor cannabinoids.

Because we understand the exponential therapeutic benefits of bolstering CBD with other cannabinoids, we can bring you a range of full-spectrum CBD products.

Whether you want a potent anxiety remedy, a boost in energy, or a topical on-the-spot pain relief gel, Oscity Lab has a potent product that will best serve your needs.

How to Use CBD Oil For Anxiety; Dosage Recommendations According to Research

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Although healthcare professionals and researchers have not yet developed standardized dosing for CBD oil and anxiety. 

Various studies in a bid to determine how to use CBD oil for anxiety utilized specific doses to monitor patient changes.

It's worth noting that there is a significant variation in CBD dosing, ranging from 6 to 400 mg per dose.

Below we’ll highlight different studies, the amount of CBD dosing in mg per person per day, and how long results took to manifest. All to get you started on how to use CBD oil for anxiety.

In a retrospective study, 72 adults with anxiety were treated with CBD, and the results were recorded.

Most of the participants received 25 mg of CBD once a day. Other participants received either 50 or 70 mg of CBD per day. 

One patient with a history of schizoaffective disorder and trauma was given 175 mg of CBD daily.

After two months, 79% of the participants reported significant improvements in their anxiety symptoms.

In another study to evaluate the effects of CBD on public speaking anxiety, 57 male participants were given 300 mg of CBD 90 minutes before a stimulated public speaking test. 

The results showed that CBD significantly reduced anxiety in male speakers.

How Long Does CBD Oil Take To Work for Anxiety With Different Delivery Methods?

Now that you have a rough idea of the amount of CBD to take for anxiety, the only question is, "how long does CBD oil take to work for anxiety?"

The answer to that question hinges on the delivery method. Some delivery methods will allow the quick absorption of CBD oil into the bloodstream.

Conversely, other delivery methods will release CBD much slower, leading to delayed effects.

It's also worth noting that depending on the severity of your anxiety, you may need to repeatedly take your daily dose for four to six months to notice a significant improvement.


When it comes to oral ingestion, there are two primary forms of how to use CBD oil for anxiety effectively:

  • Fast-release forms like CBD+CBG Calm Tincture come with a dropper to directly deposit the tincture under the tongue.

The CBD will be absorbed directly into the blood through the blood vessels under the tongue. You'll begin to feel the effects in 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Slow-release forms like CBD+CBG Calm Gummies - Peach Mango, capsules, and tablets go through your digestive tract before they can be broken down in the liver and absorbed into the bloodstream.

For that reason, effects usually take 30 to 180 minutes to kick in. Slow-release products hold one significant advantage; their effects last more extended periods of up to 8 or more hours.


Topicals can take the form of lotions, salves, creams, and gels. According to most CBD topical users, they begin to feel an improvement in symptoms  30 to 120 minutes after application.

It's worth noting that topical creams and lotions act locally and cannot penetrate the bloodstream. However, transdermal patches can deliver CBD directly into the bloodstream.

The Best CBD Oils for Treating Anxiety

What are some of the best CBD oils for anxiety available online? At Oscity labs, we are fully integrated with a farm, a lab, and a processing facility to ensure that our products are healthy and wellness verifiable, pure, and simple from seed to shelf.

We target cannabis strains with strong CBG, CBDV, CBC, and CBD genetics for our cultivation. Our hemp-driven extracts test a record 97% purity to ensure that we put your health and wellness first.

Our premium selection of products focuses on anxiety, pain, and sleep relief. If you're looking for the best CBD oils for anxiety treatment, here's a list of products to try.

1. CBD+CBG Calm Tincture

CBD+CBG Calm Tincture and CBD oil for anxiety from Oscity Labs. Buy CBD oil and CBG gummies online.

CBD+CBG Calm Tincture were specifically formulated to soothe stress and anxiety. This unique formulation harnesses the power of combining two equally potent cannabinoids: CBG and CBD.

The bottle comes with a dropper to help you smoothly deliver the CBD oil under your tongue for quick relief from symptoms.

2. CBD+CBG Calm Gummies

CBD+CBG Calm Gummies Peach Mango flavour CBD edibles for stress relief.

    Are you looking for lasting relief from anxiety? The CBD+CBG Calm Gummies present a delicious way to get a potent dose of CBD and CBG for anxiety relief.

    Each container has 30 pieces of peach-flavored gummies, with each gummy packing 25 mg of CBD to help you administer different doses easily.

    Every bite is as sensationally delicious as it is potent. 

    3. Full Spectrum CBD Chocolates

      With Full Spectrum CBD Chocolates, you can enjoy a decadent milk chocolate treat and sweet relief from anxiety and stress.

      Each container contains eight counts of delicious chocolate, with each count boasting 25 mg of potent CBD.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • What Are the Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety

      Oscity Labs' calm collection features the most delicious CBD gummies for anxiety. With our Full Spectrum CBD Chocolates, you can enjoy deep relaxation and relief from anxiety.

      • What Does It Feel Like to Take CBD for Anxiety?

      As CBD works to relieve your anxiety, the sensation can feel a bit like a ‘high.’ 

      However, CBD is not intoxicating, and that pleasant feeling may be because CBD can affect serotonin production and mood changes.

      Where Can I Buy CBD for Anxiety Online?

      Oscity Labs has a great line of CBD for anxiety products, including CBD+CBG Calm Gummies and CBD+CBG Calm Tincture

      All our products are organically farmed. Our high-quality hemp-driven extract test at  97% purity.