Welcome to Oscity

So, what exactly has your “CBD” experience been like? I am asking because I’m finding that it varies for so many people! I mean, how can it not given CBD based products can be purchased from just about any back country road gas station to a high-end and very well known retailer? There’s no denying that CBD based products are an absolute hit around the world. Moreover, I think that a person’s purchase and trial experience simply comes down to their knowledge about CBD and where they buy the CBD product. Ok, you’re right… It goes a bit deeper… and that’s why we decided to start a company that could create CBD based products that were verifiably pure and simple.  A company built from the ground up utilizing only the latest in “best of breed” technology and equipment.  A company striving to exceed the status quo.  

We are now Oscity, Alabama’s largest science and technology based bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing company specializing in all aspects of industrial hemp. We began as Southern Star Farms on the Gulf Coast of Alabama in 2019.  After successfully growing and harvesting more than 50 acres of premium hemp that year, we recognized the vulnerability in the market if you were not a vertically integrated grower and processor. We also realized that in order for us to create verifiably pure and simple products, the entire process needed to begin and end with us. So, from greenhouses to genetics and nutrients, we knew that everything either needed to be hand selected or grown by our select team of experts. In 2020, we’ve founded the next evolution of Southern Star Farms.

Oscity Bio Sciences, a young company founded by business and science professionals having diversified backgrounds in the areas of chemistry, extraction, and genetics. We also boast 60+ years of collective knowledge and expertise in the hemp industry, a 100,000 square foot processing facility, and now have 1,200 plus acres of company owned farmland; home to our genetics and seedling farm for the 2021 growing season.